SLF Svenska Laserfabriken (Eng: Swedish Laser Factory) started as a spin-out company from KTH. SLF is committed to being the leading center for nonlinear optics and lasers. We produce periodically poled KTP crystal (PPKTP) and devices based on PPKTP. We offer both standard and custom PPKTP to meet all needs our customers might have.
Our team consists of highly skilled engineers specialised in nonlinear optics and lasers, all with PhD degrees in the field. We posses unique know-how in production of PPKTP which allows us to produce some of the largest aperture periodically poled crystals on the market and with the shortest periods.

Our management team

Max Widarsson, CEO.

Dr. Max Widarsson is the chief executive officer of SLF Laserfabriken. Max received his PhD degree from KTH in 2022. During his PhD studies he developed multiple systems based on lasers and nonlinear optics for various applications.

Staffan Tjörnhammar, chairman of the board.

Dr. Staffan Tjörnhammar  is a co-founding partner of SLF Laserfabriken and holds a PhD degree from KTH and has over 15 years of experience within the field of lasers, photonics and nonlinear optics.